Eclipse from the Edge of Space

DREAMS-25: Night launch, Spring 2017
DREAMS-26: Eclipse practice launch: Summer 2017
DREAMS-27: Monday, August 21, 2017 - launch into the path of totality

Information on the 2017 "Great American Eclipse"

This image is taken from orbit of the shadow of the Moon on the Earth during a Solar Eclipse. The view from a balloon would be more oblique but would include curve of the Earth, a black sky, and a ominous round shadow. A balloon in the path would see a night time view of the Earth below as well as a sun-less sky.

DREAMS will fly a series of flights to test camera systems and sensors to support the main eclipse flight.

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NASA Quality Program

2016 AAQ Meeting - We presented!

Mission Lead: Hallie Richardson
Programming Lead: Vineeth Harish
Science Lead: Emme Van Doorn