DREAMS-25: Night Launch for Eclipse Calibration

Proposed Dates: TBD, Spring/Early Summer 2017
Flight path near Vienna, GA near I-75

The 25th mission of the DREAMS program will fly a few payloads for sponsors of the Columbus Space Program FIRST Robotics Team, FRC4188.
Confirmed flyers include:


the AFLAC duck (not the actual duck although it is possible we may get a cameo appearance of the actual AFLAC duck!)

  • 1-axis prototype of a fluxgate magnetometer with a new type of core - testing for proposed Cubesat mission

  • new APRS system for potential replacement of the current tracking system - must confirm cold operation and GPS functionality
  • new SmartPower system for the payload box to include data collection and autonomous controls to limit effect of power loss due to failed experiments
  • Geiger-Muller tube to measure radiation
  • 3-axis magnetoresistive magnetometer with 16-bit A/D
  • State variables: pressure, temperature
  • carbon dioxide