Earth / Martian Atmosphere Parallels

Each of the following sensors will be calibrated using an Excel spreadsheet so flight data will be quickly plotted for comparisons. Based on the information made available on the Martian atmosphere, the D22 flight data can be used to describe what parts of the Troposphere and Stratosphere of the Earth are like parts of the Martian atmosphere.
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Relative Humidity
  • Radiation (Geiger-Muller tube)
  • Visible light intensity
  • Near IR intensity
  • UV intensity
  • O2 density
  • CO2 density

Magnetic Field Calibration Measurements

A Honeywell HMC2003 3-axis solid state magnetometer will be used to detect solar activity at various altitudes in the Earth's atmosphere up to 100,000 feet. In order to make accurate measurements, the magnetic field created by the payload system needs to be understood. The MAVEN spacecraft had to be engineered through a process called Magnetic Cleanliness so that the magnetometers on the end of the solar arrays would be able to distinguish space and spacecraft magnetic fields. The DREAMS payload system is not engineered to be magnetically clean, but the magnitude of platform induced magnetic fields is usually small compared to the Earth's field.

  • Place the Arduino data logger and magnetometer (Arduino magnetometer system) on the corner of a wooden board held up by two plastic saw horses. Collect data for 10 minutes. Use the spreadsheet tool to determine the magnetic field vector with the Bx, By, and Bz measurements. Characterize the noise environment and look for any sources of magnitude drift.
  • Put the Arduino magnetometer system in the Primary payload box. Plug into the primary power and turn on all payloads. Collect data for 10 minutes. Compare the noise levels from the control experiment, and look for new contributions.
  • Repeat the above experimental trial but have the radios on.
  • With time permitting, map out the magnetic field around the payload platform.

Solar Activity Experiment

Use the flight data from the D22 Arduino magnetometer system to plot the magnitude of the Earth's magnetic field compared to solar X-ray activity taken from GOES satellites.