Path Predictions and Surface Weather

Path Prediction --> CUSF

Check surface weather here: Wunderground
July 18 Predict ( for 7/23)
July 17 Prediction (for July 23)
July 15 Prediction (for July 23) Green dot shows predicted landing location. Actual launch location details provided Monday 7/21.

Two balloon payload systems (Orange and Blue) will be launched 35 minutes apart and can be tracked via amateur radio and commercial SPOT trackers. Click the links below for LIVE tracking (starting 6/21 at ~8am).
Orange --> W4CHS-11
Blue --> W4CHS-12
SPOT-1 & SPOT-2 Public Page
Just Orange SPOT-1
Just Blue SPOT-2

Both radios transmit on standard APRS 144.390MHz and receive on 145.590MHz (for messaging and digipeating)
Columbus Groups:

Double Launch to Double the Science

Students from the Columbus Space Program are designing and building the science payloads to fly on a double mission to the edge of space. These students are work as the support engineering system for this science effort from design to integration. Help comes in the form of mentors from the Columbus Amateur Radio Club and professional mentors from CharBroil.


Surface winds visualized
Jet stream visualized