DREAMS is based on a high altitude balloon science platform, and was developed by members of the Columbus Space Program.

DREAMS-28: Search for Stratospheric Life

Amateur Radio Exam Prep

DREAMS-26 and DREAMS-27 Complete! Both payloads recovered - D27 was a visual recovery. Eclipse images from the Ricoh 16 megapixel camera can be seen here:


The 25th mission of the DREAMS program - COMPLETE! - July 8 2017

Eclipse from the Edge of Space, Monday, August 21, 2017 - 2 practice launches + launch into path of totality INCLUDES link to be an invited mission scientist

Video of Boeing777 from a balloon (not ours!)
Another video of a jet from a balloon
Study for Amateur Radio Exam
DREAMS-24 Complete! Another visual recovery.

Eclipse launch 2017 - already picking a launch site. Thanks NASA!

Our application to launch a satellite through the NASA's CubeSat Initiative. Check out our page for it!

Current Mission:
DREAMS-24: Radiation Shielding, Cubesat Imaging re-flight. Fluxgate Magnetometer Test for the FluxDemonSat CubeSat payload. May 2, 2015.

DREAMS-23: Reflight of D-22 payloads. **Mission Complete!** August 23rd, 1pm launch, Temperature was over 100 with high humidity
Video of Launch

DREAMS-21/DREAMS-22 flying with QFS (3 balloons at once): Taking Teachers to the Edge of Space Over Georgia, July 2014: MISSIONS COMPLETE.

PICTURES (High res) Video of D20 Liftoff (inside) Video of D19 Liftoff (outside) Video of D20 Burst

DREAMS-19/DREAMS-20 in pre-flight planning: Both MISSIONS COMPLETE! June 21, 2014

Georgia from 110,000 feet


Systems Engineering of DREAMS platform

Atlantic Crossing

DREAMS Science

DREAMS-18: July 18, 2013. Mission Complete! Image below shows D18 flight from 85,000 ft - Courtesy of Quest for Stars and Bobby Russell.Dreams 18 at the edge of space-2.jpg
Track LIVE with the SPOT

DREAMS-18A: June 29, 2013. HARP Collaborative Launch. Georgia -- Mission Aborted due to balloon failure
DREAMS-17. Mission Readiness Review, May 15, 2013. Launch Day: May 25, 2013. Mission Complete! Click for images and video.
DREAMS-16: Flight Over San Jose - TIS/NASA Teacher Workshop
DREAMS-14 Mojave III flight, March 2012
Future Missions:
DREAMS-"20 something": Crossing the Atlantic Ocean

The focus of the DREAMS program is science and engineering with an emphasis on educational experiences. But... everyone loves the pictures!
Best Pictures from the last few missions
and the Videos


Weather Predictions

Hydrogen versus Helium

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Balloon Information

Resources to Launch a Balloon

HobbySpace Balloon Resource Page

Mission Complete!